Why use a template

Did you know that a lot of website designers use templates for their own site? They will change the html and coding to suit their own needs, but they very rarely start from scratch. If you need a theme for your own website, here are some reasons why you should use a ready-made template.

Look good

Most sites you look at, whether it is MSN, Party Poker or your favourite blog, have a good looking template. Template creators specialise in design, because this is what attracts a potential user. Therefore the design of the template will always be appealing. You just have to find the right aesthetic for you.

Save time

Looking for a website template, will ultimately save you time. Creating one from scratch is time consuming even for those of us who are experts. Installation is quick too, and you have the freedom to do it yourself and not rely on a webmaster’s schedule. You can do it in your own time and be in control at all times.

Save money

The software used to create and host a site yourself is not cheap. Using a template though, for less than $100 you can have a fully functioning website that is reliable and good value. Learning how to manage it yourself also saves money, because you cut out the fees you normally pay the webmaster. After a few years, you will have saved yourself thousands of dollars.


Admittedly some templates are not well coded. It depends who the creator is. Ours are though. Those who aren’t in the know underestimate the importance of good coding. When creating a template we have to stay up to date with the times, and design the coding accordingly. The foundation of your site will therefore be well thought through.

Ease of use

Templates are so easy to use. Installation is simple, and you can often customise them without knowing coding yourself. Just make sure your template has this function before you purchase.

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