Online documentation: Widgetize Pages Light

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Spread the word, like and share – top

If you like this free plugin please don’t forget to spread the word, like it, share it so other people can try it too. Thanks in advance!

Description – top

You can now easily widgetize a page and drop any WordPress widget in a page or post content area so you can build your own unique page layout. This is very easy and fun to do and requires no coding knowledge at all.

The plugin includes the new OTW Grid Manager Light component that you can use to create your custom responsive page layout in no time!

You can use as many widget areas (sidebars) in as many pages/posts as you need. Creating sidebars (widget areas) is unlimited.

The plugin has very easy and intuitive administration area designed to fit into the core WordPress design. Check out the screenshots section or just download it and try it out.

Installation – top

Install the plugin just like any other WordPress plugin. Here is an article on how to install a plugin in WordPress.

How to use the plugin – top

  • Create as manu custom sidebars(widget areas) as you need
    1-19-2017 3-15-44 PM
  • Use the OTW Grid Manager Light to create your custom page layout. OTW Grid Manager Light is a metabox in add/edit page, bellow the editor. It is all done in a nice and easy interface. Add some rows and columns in the rows. Insert the sidebars in the columns.
    1-19-2017 3-20-10 PM

  • Go to your widgets section (Appearance -> Widgets) and drop some widgets in your new sidebar
    1-19-2017 3-23-11 PM

If you don’t want to use OTW Grid Manager Light to create a layout you can use the sidebar’s shotcodes:

  • Get the shortcode
    1-19-2017 3-26-00 PM
  • Paste the shortcode in a page or post
    1-19-2017 3-27-29 PM

Another option is to use the Insert Sidebar Shortcode button in the editor:
1-19-2017 3-29-48 PM

1-19-2017 3-35-36 PM

1-19-2017 3-27-29 PM