Create your custom Responsive layouts in few clicks

Have you ever wanted to drag and drop a widget in a page content area, but the only widgetized sections of your theme are usually sidebars and footers?

Widgetized pages in WordPress are very powerful tool. Adding widgets on pages is a very flexible way to build your own unique page layout. This is very easy and fun to do and requires no coding knowledge.


OTW Grid Manager

The Sidebar Widget Manager now includes the OTW Grid Manager component. This is super powerful tool that will help you create your custom responsive layout in seconds! OTW Grid Manager has very intuitive, time saving drag and drop interface full of features.



How it all works

  • Create as many custom sidebars as you need
  • Create new page
  • Create your custom responsive layout and insert the sidebars in the columns – few clicks with OTW Grid Manager
  • Go to Appearance -> Widgets and drop some widgets in your new sidebars

There are a few more options for inserting sidebars in page/post content area:

  • Use the Insert Sidebar Shortcode button in the editor of your page/post
  • Copy and pages the sidebar’s shortcode
  • Advanced users: You can easily add any custom sidebar into any template file using the sidebar’s shortcode and the WordPress function do_shortcode.



Check out the examples under the “Widgetize page” menu on this demo site to see how easy it is.


How to widgetize a page – video


How to widgetize a page – screenshot



More info – articles



Text widget

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