Add sidebars to the content of your pages

Add custom sidebars on the left and right of the content of your pages and posts. This works best in full width page templates. We have such template included if your theme does not have it.
Content sidebars can be set up for all pages and these settings can be overridden for each page individually.


How it works

Two ways to set up OTW Content Sidebars:

  • Go to OTW Content Sidebars in the left WP menu to set the defaults for pages and posts. After installation this will come set up to no Content Sidebars.
  • In page/post find the metabox called OTW Content Sidebars. This is where you set them up for an individual page, overriding the defaults.

Choose the configuration of the sidebars, the sidebars to display, the width of the sidebars too.



Check out the examples under the “Content Sidebars” menu on this demo site to see how easy it is.


How to set up OTW Content Sidebars – video


How to set up OTW Content Sidebars – screenshot


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