• Variety of overlay types
  • Tons of options
  • Unlimited custom sidebars
  • Mobile friendly
  • 24/7 Support and Updates
  • No Codding

How it works


Create Sidebars

Create as many sidebars as you need


Set up Your Overlay

Choose type, positioning, page visibility, active period, open/close events, styling, etc.


Create Layout and Insert Sidebars

Just a few clicks with the OTW Grid Manager

Unlimited Popping Sidebars and Widgets for WordPress

3 types of Overlay

Full Bar (push and over site content), Side Box (push and over site content), Popup/Lightbox


Header, Footer, Left, Right, Popup

Custom Responsive Layouts

In every of your Overlays.

Any Sidebar and Widget in your Overlay

Unlimited custom sidebars or your theme sidebars.

Visibility settings

Pages, Posts, Categories, Tags, Custom post types and taxonomies, WPML, WooCommerce.

Multiple Activation Periods

Set as many activation periods as you need.

Open/Close events

Choose from variety of open/close events

Custom Styling

Via an interface in the back-end and custom css

No coding

Easy and Intuitive administration that fits WordPress core design

Support and Updates

24/7 support and regular updates.

Custom Responsive Layouts

Creating custom responsive layouts in your overlays is just a few clicks job with the OTW Grid Manager. No coding is required. It is all done in a very easy to use drag & drop interface.

Some of the features of OTW Grid Manager:

What Clients say